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In December 2020, the American Marketing Alliance SPC and its chapters will make available a website with a database and search tool called Local Marketing Tool. Local Marketing Tool (LMT) will disrupt the marketing and advertising industry by providing clarity when it comes to everyday marketing decisions for businesses, nonprofits, and government. The site will allow businesses and organizations to list their advertising and marketing opportunities for free, and allow subscribers to search for and compare marketing and advertising opportunities based on the demographics of their target market so they can make informed decisions with better outcomes, preventing them from experiencing the Marketing Burn™.

What is The Marketing Burn™?

The Marketing Burn™ is when you pay for or spend time on marketing and advertising methods that are unsuccessful only to find out afterward about a better opportunity that existed and had you known about it, you would never have spent time or money on the failed method in the first place.

LMT will help decision-makers make informed decisions and avoid costly mistakes by finding and comparing the best opportunities to reach their target market.

LMT is committed to leveraging its proprietary data, technology, and innovations to make the planning, buying, or selling of marketing and advertising a seamless experience for its users. LMT will allow the buyers and sellers of marketing and advertising to make apples to apple comparisons based on the categories and variables vital to them. Informed decisions prevent the Marketing Burn™ and save time and money along the way.

How will you search for and find the right opportunities at LocalMarketingTool.com? 

The website and its search tool will include detailed and sortable information and will house various maps, how-to articles, and other unique content. For example, places to hang flyers, public bulletin boards, school newspapers that sell advertising, sports fields with advertising in or around them, and locations of billboards linked with the traffic counts of nearby roads.  

Imagine you are a doctor with an emphasis in sports medicine. Your target audience is athletes near your business.  You know that athletes play at local parks and sports fields, and those places often have advertising in and around the field of play. Naturally, searching for, finding, and comparing a list of all the sports fields near you with advertising would be very useful. LMT will provide you with a list of the sports field advertising opportunities near your location so that you can make comparisons and invest in the right decision. 

Just like Zillow matches the buyers and sellers of real estate, and Uber matches the riders and drivers of transportation, LMT matches those who have money to spend on marketing and advertising with specific opportunities that reach their target market in the most intelligent and efficient way possible.

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Local Marketing Tool
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