The Local Marketing Tool

Effective Targeted Marketing Plans Made Easy

An easy-to-use application, driven by our own, very cool, proprietary database, shows you all marketing opportunities in your target market.

How It Works


All businesses including nonprofits, government agencies and all other advertisers may apply to list their marketing opportunities (Sponsorships, events, ad space, etc) on Local Marketing Tool for FREE


Businesses subscribe to Local Marketing Tool – a continuously growing database which shares all of these AMAZING marketing opportunities based on location, budget and target demographic information – helping them avoid *Marketing Burn™


Nonprofits get the funding they need to support their mission. Businesses get the information they need to cost effectively drive sales. And American Marketing Alliance gets the pleasure of knowing we made it happen.

Our mission is to help businesses avoid the Marketing Burn™

Marketing Burn™ is when you spend time and money on marketing and advertising activities that fail, only to discover that a better opportunity existed all along.

Search by Location

Search by county or use our map to identify advertising opportunities near you.

Target by Demographic

Unique demographic insights align your target market with the marketing opportunities offered.

Build Your Strategy

Plan your entire marketing strategy by knowing the RIGHT marketing tactics within your budget parameters.

Grow Brand Visibility

Know the reach of each opportunity and build your brand through high visiblity tactics.

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In addition to a Local Marketing Tool subscription, an AMA Membership gives your business the unique opportunity to connect with your community through a fresh sponsored article written specifically for your target demographic – and more!

Membership Includes:

  • One chapter membership
  • One Local Marketing Tool subscription
  • One sponsored article
  • Business directory listing
  • Your logo featured on our website and your chapter page (Charter Members only)


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