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Local Marketing Tool

As a chapter of the American Marketing Alliance, the Thurston Marketing Alliance provides access to a new tool for locating local advertising markets.

This tool is under construction and we are offering limited-time pricing for early subscribers.


Our Supporters

“When I heard about the Local Marketing Tool I knew it would be a slam dunk because, as a business owner and current President of the Lacey South Sound Chamber, I have personally experienced, and witnessed chamber members experience, The Marketing Burn™.
"There is a strong need for the Local Marketing Tool that [AMA] is bringing to the marketplace. We have all experienced The Marketing Burn™!

"Most of us who are not in the marketing world, myself as a Certified Public Accountant included, are not great marketers... Local Marketing Tool eliminates The Marketing Burn because it gives people direction and allows them to make informed decisions."
"I believe Local Marketing Tool is a game-changer and creates a win-win for everyone in the community."

Local Marketing

Join a large community of local businesses and organizations.


Our upcoming database of local advertising opportunities is accessible wherever you need it.

Serving Non-Profits

Local non-profits get access to our database of opportunities at no charge.

Assisting Governments

Local governing bodies can connect with their constituents with our database.


You need to make the right spending and time decisions, and our tool is here to help.

Social Purpose

AMA is a Washington State “Social Purpose Corporation.” 10% of our profits are donated to local non-profits and communities.

Avoid the

Marketing Burn

The Marketing Burn is when you pay for or spend time on marketing and advertising activities that fail, only to find out afterward that a better opportunity existed and had it been known, time or money would not have been wasted on the failed method in the first place.

Time is Expensive

The wrong marketing efforts increase your Opportunity Cost.

Capital is Limited

The money you spend in the wrong advertising places will keep you from advertising in the right places.

Providing opportunities to professionals like you

Focus Your Search

Use our map view to identify advertising opportunities near your ideal areas.

Identify Reach

Our software will aggregate social media followings held by our opportunity listers.

Aggregated Events

Our calendar will show you upcoming opportunities to meet and connect with your ideal audience.

Stop The

Marketing Burn!

Local Marketing Tool
  • Price: $500.00
    A database of advertising opportunities in your area.

    Annual subscriptions automatically renew upon anniversary at $500/yr.

Supporting Local Organizations

An objective of the Thurston Marketing Alliance is to serve nonprofit and governmental organizations by connecting, collecting, maintaining, and promoting their marketing and advertising opportunities with no fees to those organizations.

Free Listings

501(c)(3) non-profit organizations get to list their events and advertising spaces for no charge.

Increased Exposure

Our active community of businesses get to search the listings to find the perfect audience fit.

Metrics that Matter

Thurston Marketing Alliance is made up of businesses, organizations, and leaders that understand the necessity of data, measurements, and analytics.  They know they are necessary components in the marketing planning process because they prove the value of the initiatives and enable better decision making–driving success quicker.

Match Demographics

You know who you need to reach - use our tools to filter through the available local opportunities to reach them.

Bottom-Line Impact

Save money, save time, and take advantage of more opportunities than before.

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